Learn about the world of Alteris.

KINGDOMS takes place in the world of Alteris, a mysterious land of magic, warring factions, and endless adventure. Travel from the snowy peaks of Mul Debbon to the desert wastes of Filenfoe as you weave tales of wonder, becoming a part of the ever growing legends that create the game’s landscape. Whether you are an experienced swordsman or a novice traveler to LARP style gaming, KINGDOMS is designed to be easily approachable for everyone. It’s time for you to live your adventure, and embark on an unforgettable journey through the world of KINGDOMS!

Become a part of a Community.

Make new friends at every event, or reconnect with ones you met last time! KINGDOMS is a place where anyone can feel welcome, built around ideas of acceptance, adventure, and high fantasy shenanigans. Meet Grok lizard folk, Hastu elves, and peoples from every walk of life. At KINGDOMS, everyone is a welcome member of the community, whether that’s in the Warrior’s Union, the Thieves Society, or the Hold of Earth Magic. You will find a place for you.

Discover Your Own Character

The world of KINGDOMS comes with new identities. You can become anyone you want, and this player’s guide will help you find the fundamentals of becoming a citizen of KINGDOMS. With four main nations to choose from as well as the archipelago of Tandavar, you can discover incredible cultures, new philosophies, and deep rooted earth magic to interweave into your character. However, if you’re less comfortable diving into a character creation process, you can always come as you are. KINGDOMS is a place for everyone to come and play!

Thank you again for the opportunity to play with you guys. Your story was amazing, and I’m looking forward to the next adventure!

Chris Berry

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