The Dragon Solstice

JUNE 24, 2023 marks the coming of our next adventure! Be sure to by your tickets today. Here’s the teaser to get you excited for our next big bash.

It is nearing the time of the Dragon Solstice, a celebration of the god Sherrphoght among the Silgen people. It is a time of good food and fun, but dark times are upon us in the world of Alteris. In the new freestate of Dr’atha, adventurers thought they would have a home of their own. But when the nations of Silg and Mul Debbon discovered their efforts, it ignited a long standing feud between them, leading to a terrible war. The land was brought to its knees before the Council of Nations stepped in, calling for peace.

Now, as world leaders gather in the valley of Dr’atha to broker a new order, there is a rumor of a mysterious grok village forming in the region. The grok elder, who some say is over a thousand years old, has begun calls for the Rite of Life, an ancient ritual to celebrate their long life before their coming enternal slumber. It is said that such a Rite would usher in an era of peace, a good omen for the hopes of Dr’atha’s citizens, yet not everyone is convinced.

When the Empress of Udai entered Dr’atha Valley with her entourage, everyone thought the conflict was behind them. But as soon as she arrived, she was sequestered, along with all the other leaders, and no one has been able to get word from them since. Now, their chief military advisors are keeping things close to the chest as the world waits for answers on what will come next. Not everything is as it seems in Dr’atha as the adventurers gather for the Dragon Solstice. Join us to be a part of the mystery!

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