History of Mul Debbon

The nation of Mul Debbon has deep roots in the world of Alteris. Its origin stretches into prehistory as the first independent human nation, and […]

The History of Filenfoe

Once, long ago, Filenfoe was home to the first hastu civilization. Under the guidance of their goddess Tset, the hastu built many cities, fortresses, and […]

The History of Udai

The empire of Udai was founded in the year 71 of the Fall Era. But the history of its people goes well into the ages […]

The History of Silg

In ancient times, scargs ruled over most of what is today called Alteris. In those days, the lands had different names: Heroc referred to the […]

The Sword of Alkanet

This account, written by the fordrin Pilgrim, Sachii Alys, is a first hand account of the revelations that changed the world. With the revealing that […]

The Starblood Scourge

Alteris is no stranger to illness and disease. There are dozens of afflictions, many with no cures, that can befall adventurers and citizens of the […]

The Narë-Ka-Han

Along the Old Silk Road from Silg to Filenfoe, there is an old brick and timber building called the Tavern Hodlestone. In its heyday, it […]

The Magician’s Crusade

In the last years of the Fall Era, a powerful magician rose up among the peasantry of Silg. This magician went on to nearly conquer […]

The Bushido of Udai

The empire of Udai has seen many battles. While there have been several rebellions within the empire, there have been no instances of what would […]

The Elkenhammers of Mul Debbon

In the world of Alteris there are many groups people choose to align themselves with. These groups are often referred to collectively as societies. Some […]

Gods of Alteris

In ancient times, the world of Alteris was peopled by the scargs, their mighty race spanning the entirety of the known world. They were powerfully […]

The Tandavaran Archipelago

North of Silg and Mul Debbon there is the Garic Sea. A tumultuous waterway, full of great winds, leviathans, and all manner of dangerous and […]

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There are four main Kingdoms in Alteris: Silg, Filenfoe, Mul Debbon, and Udai. You can read about them all here, as well as discover tales from past events and ancient history of the world.

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