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KINGDOMS takes place in the world of Alteris, a mysterious land of magic, warring factions, and endless adventure. Travel from the snowy peaks of Mul Debbon to the desert wastes of Filenfoe as you weave tales of wonder, becoming a part of the ever growing legends that create the game’s landscape. Whether you are an experienced swordsman or a novice traveller to LARP style gaming, KINGDOMS is designed to be easily approachable for everyone. It’s time for you to live your adventure, and embark on an unforgettable journey through the world of KINGDOMS!

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JUNE 4, 2022 This years event is the Festival of Stories. Taking place in the newly founded Fiefdom of Tuatha Druis, a land where Scargs can call home, adventurers are invited to come with original poetry, fables, art, constellation myths, and more, and share what you have created with us. you will be greeted with countless paths to choose from as you weave yourself into the story of KINGDOMS, 2022.


Thank you again for the opportunity to play with you guys. Your story was amazing, and I’m looking forward to the next adventure!

Chris Berry

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The History and People of Alteris

KINGDOMS is a Live Action Role Play that takes place in the world of Alteris. It uses its own unique rule system for gameplay, and those rules can be viewed here. But The world that the game of KINGDOMS takes place in has a long and varied history of gods, magic, wars, and contentions. This…

History of Mul Debbon

The nation of Mul Debbon has deep roots in the world of Alteris. Its origin stretches into prehistory as the first independent human nation, and the first fortress against their gods during the Second Dragon War. Some texts suggest the name is derived from the names of their first king and queen, Mul and Debbani…

The History of Filenfoe

Once, long ago, Filenfoe was home to the first hastu civilization. Under the guidance of their goddess Tset, the hastu built many cities, fortresses, and great structures; they were carved into the mountains, and from the mountains. Places like the canyon city of Gawir, the monolithic accomplishment of Ziggurat, and Kolong, the city beneath a…

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